Thursday, July 14, 2005

Just Play Them Two Bars Of "Stardust", Just Hang Out One Silly Moon

At this minute, the title of The Perfect Song belongs to "Fools Fall In Love". I've been listening to it and singing it non-stop, all week. At first it was the melody, and then the infection spread to the harmony parts, the bass line, the guitar solo and finally the horn parts. For years, the only version I knew was by jazz guitarist/singer John Pizzarelli. I noticed the songwriting credit on the CD (heavyweights Leiber & Stoller), but had no idea who else had performed it.

And then last week, I was quietly sipping my drink at the coffee shop and minding my own business when a killer version of it came over the speakers. I felt this mainline infusion of pure euphoria for three minutes. I rushed home to iTunes, and within a couple of minutes, had downloaded four different versions:

The Elvis is superb, the Katy Moffatt rollickingly likable, and the Dennis Brown sweet and laid-back, but the winner hands down is the Drifters. A little pop masterpiece, it turned out to be the one from the coffee shop.


Blogger moongazer555 said...

Just wouldn't have expected just fun when arriving at that coffee shop. Unexpected pleasures are so welcome.

July 30, 2005 8:30 PM  

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