Sunday, November 07, 2004

What Can I Do?

For half of us, it has been one long dark night this week.

I ask myself: what can I, personally, do?

Should I stop doing all the things I now spend my time on, and see how I can devote myself to becoming actively, productively, engaged?

Meaning, should I cease my "frivolous" pursuits--my steady movie-watching and music-listening, my hours spent piano-playing, my therapeutic activity of drawing, and all my vain little scribbling on the impossibly oceanic subject of art?

My head says, "Yes--in the grand scheme of things, these are pretty frivolous activities..."

But my heart says, "Wait a second--don't you see? You do what you are."

And what I am, when it comes down to it, is someone who believes that art, in all its many wonderful forms, makes life worth living.

Art embraces and includes all--humanity, truth, beauty, God, the cosmos.

So one might say that the passion for art is a worthwhile calling.

Something more than frivolity.