Sunday, October 24, 2004

Neko Case

I appear before you today to trumpet two things:

  • Neko Case's superb record Blacklisted. If you've never heard Neko, you will never believe her combination of gigantic pipes and miraculous phrasing.

    Neko's first album, The Virginian [above], was sharp alt-country, and included confident covers of Patsy Cline and Queen(!).

    But Blacklisted is a far distance away. It is moody and haunted, sung by the light of a chilly desert moon. The sound on the record is tinged with an unusual instrument, the tenor guitar, and members of the eclectic band Calexico are in attendance.

Says Neko: "I hate the Internet. I'm going to get famous the old-fashioned way, one person at a time."